Jud Shumway

Project Manager | Transmission Planning and Power Systems Analysis | Atlanta

About Jud

​As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Jud helps clients navigate the transition between design, construction and project management. An experienced transmission engineer with a strong background in system operations and outage planning, he brings decades of experience at large utilities to his projects to make sure planned system outages work in the real world.

Jud attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied electrical engineering with a focus on power systems. Starting as a transmission test engineer with a large investor-owned utility in Georgia, he has experience working across multiple disciplines in transmission systems, including lines, substations, protection and control equipment, transmission system planning, power flow studies and operational system reliability. Joining 1898 & Co. in 2021, he now leads transmission and distribution outage planning, supporting clients across the Southeast.

How Jud helps his clients
As a project manager, Jud focuses on outage planning by partnering with clients to understand their system and developing detailed plans to minimize the outage impact on their customers. A detailed communicator, he coordinates across teams to bring together a complete project plan delivered on time and on budget. Working across 1898 & Co., Jud can bring together the right skill sets and experiences to help clients be effective in their system planning and operational needs.

What motivates Jud
Jud is motivated by wanting to do his best for everyone he works with on a daily basis. Being able to see a team come together and bring a successful project to meet a critical need keeps him moving forward on every project he leads.

A little bit about Jud
Jud is a skilled amateur guitar player, performing many weekend nights around his local hometown in Roswell, Georgia, both as a solo musician and with his group, the Sawgrass Blues Band. His preference is blues music, but he has a wide repertoire including acoustic, rock, alt and classics. When he’s not playing guitar, he is an avid cyclist, kayaker, gardener, fisherman and tennis hack.


Strategic Asset Management

Transmission & Distribution Planning