Joshua Loyd

Project Manager | Management Consulting

About Joshua

After graduating with an electrical engineering degree from Kansas State University, Joshua gravitated toward the utility industry, eventually working with utilities to bring power on-site for electric vehicle (EV) chargers. He loved the engineering work but saw a significant gap between the need for EV charging infrastructure and how utilities were responding. That’s when Joshua made the switch to focus on infrastructure planning — helping utilities and communities prepare for projected demand from EVs.

For Joshua, working in zero emissions transportation is a dream job. It’s always interesting, always evolving and increasingly high-impact.

How Joshua helps his clients
One of Joshua’s core strengths is understanding the value of clear data and compelling storytelling. He knows clients need to share their vision with a variety of stakeholders, many of whom understand the business side but not EVs. He likes walking people through the journey from analysis to action in a way that resonates for everyone.

What motivates Joshua
Joshua loves that moment when his team has delivered on a project and the client sees and appreciates the journey they’ve been on together. He also loves a good challenge. As he says, the EV space is a bit like the wild west right now, so being able to help clients navigate that is incredibly rewarding.

A little bit about Joshua
With four children at home, Joshua’s spare time is usually spent engaging in fun family activities. Whenever the whole family is together, he’s happy. When he has time, he tries to ramp up his building skills so he can tackle some home improvement projects. A bucket list trip for Joshua is to take his children to Australia to show them where their dad grew up.


Infrastructure Modernization

Emerging Energy Advisory

Strategic Asset Management

Transmission & Distribution Planning

Published Work

A Road Map for Successful Conversion to a Fully Electric Fleet - White Paper