Jonathan Leffert

Managing Director | Southern California

About Jonathan

As the California regional manager of 1898 & Co., Jonathan manages and coordinates teams supporting critical infrastructure industries with business, technology and engineering services. His team leads clients through business transformation by developing innovative solutions and providing high-value consulting and advisory services around new, emerging technologies.

Jonathan, who earned an electrical engineering degree from Kansas State University, started his career as a technical project manager with Sprint Nextel, laying the foundation for his focus on building teams to accomplish larger program and company objectives. From there, he joined the Burns & McDonnell team, focusing on building the telecommunications and network engineering practice for the western United States, eventually serving as a regional global practice manager.

He took his skills to 1898 & Co. in 2019 and began working with clients on big, strategic initiatives, from reimagining the grid to restructuring organizations to tackle their future objectives.

How Jonathan helps his clients
Jonathan’s deep industry knowledge, coupled with his natural affinity for connecting people, has allowed him to build a strong, talented team focused on relationship building and problem solving. As the regional manager, Jonathan enjoys nurturing talent, building a strong team and connecting with existing and new clients. As he says, people are the firm’s number one asset. His job: hiring great people.

What motivates Jonathan
For Jonathan, motivation comes from a dynamic, evolving workplace. He loves the energy and bustle that comes from being around his clients and teammates. He’s also driven to build holistic, long-lasting client relationships and learn about the people he works with beyond the office.

A little bit about Jonathan
When he’s not at work, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his young girls. Lately, he’s been taking them skiing and he suspects they’ll be passing him on the slopes in no time. Though he’s a Midwesterner, with a degree from Kansas State University, he’s all about the sand and sun now that he lives in California. One of his favorite pastimes is to find a kelp patty and spearfish.


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