Jeffrey Dykstra

Senior Project Manager | Utility Investment Planning

About Jeffrey

As a senior project manager at 1898 & Co., Jeff assists clients with making data-driven long-term capital investment plans. With decades of experience in data enrichment, quantitative analysis and risk management, he helps clients develop a comprehensive decision framework that addresses both internal and external stakeholder interests.

Jeff attended Dordt University, where he studied mechanical engineering, and then went on to earn his master’s and doctorate in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University. Throughout his career he has developed deep experience working in the power industry on substation assets and developing mathematical models and asset management software to perform asset analytics. Jeff's favorite project to date was with the state of Alaska, because the work directly impacted every Alaskan and he created valuable relationships.

How Jeff helps his clients
Jeff works to put an overarching plan together to prioritize capital spending for asset renewal and replacement plans. He also helps develop communication plans of the results to support clients as they justify capital investment dollars.

What motivates Jeff
Jeff is driven by the work he is doing supporting the power industry and the challenges being faced by his clients. As the energy transition continues to progress, modernizing the grid takes time and will require significant investment, so being able to help clients make progress while balancing cost and reliability is critical to making progress.

A little bit about Jeff
An ideal day off for Jeff includes working on a home project with his kids, playing basketball and traveling to a beach with his wife. His destination of choice is Fort Lauderdale, where he can enjoy a long walk on the boardwalk.


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