Jeff Kopp

Senior Managing Director | Utility Consulting

About Jeff

As a senior managing director at 1898 & Co., Jeff leads the power and utilities consulting practice, focused on supporting clients across the critical infrastructure industry with technical and economic services to help plan, optimize and invest in their critical assets.

Jeff studied civil engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology and then went on to earn his MBA from the University of Kansas. With over twenty years of experience, he has supported clients on new power generation development, acquisition of existing power generation and estimating financial obligations associated with power plant decommissioning. In addition to his project work, Jeff has helped clients with written and oral testimonies for hearings before public utility commissions and other regulatory groups.

How Jeff helps his clients
Jeff has helped clients with some of their most challenging projects as they evaluate large investment opportunities and manage a complex portfolio of assets. He has experience with strategic site selection, feasibility assessments, economic analysis, review of historical and projected operations, preliminary design and cost estimating services. He has prepared both written and oral testimony for hearings before public utility commissions.

What motivates Jeff
Jeff is most motivated by the growth of the people on his team. The greatest reward is seeing the next generation of industry leaders continue to advance in their careers, bringing continued success for their clients and innovative approaches to the market. As an industry veteran, he is excited to see the increase in public awareness around renewables and distributed energy generation, bringing attention to areas that many people took for granted.

A little bit about Jeff
Jeff enjoys live music performances and will travel to see his favorite bands, including a memorable concert on the beach in Mexico combining multiple parts of a dream day: inclusive resort benefits, swimming and live music. Outside of music, you can usually find him out on a lake around Kansas City boating, tubing, wakeboarding and fishing.


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