Jake Stevenson

Project Manager | GIS Solutions

About Jake

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Jake leverages the power of geographic information systems (GIS) to help clients in critical infrastructure industries better manage their assets and improve asset health data to facilitate better decision making.

Jake attended Emporia State University, where he studied geology and earth sciences/ geosciences, and then he went on to earn his master’s in physical sciences. Starting at 1898 & Co., he led projects for city and county governments as well as several multiyear projects for some of the largest power utilities in the country. A longtime GIS user and ArcGIS Desktop certified user, he routinely performs mobile GIS/GPS application development, data collection/conversion, spatial analysis, easement creation, facility condition assessments, 3D mapping and storm/sanitary system condition assessments.

How Jake helps his clients
Jake brings decades of GIS experience to every client project. Having worked on hundreds of projects, he has seen every phase of a GIS engagement and can help clients navigate the challenges and complexities of managing large programs.

What motivates Jake
The support and collaboration with his team is what motivates Jake on a daily basis. He is surrounded by highly educated and experienced individuals who are passionate about the work they do and coming up with innovative solutions for their clients. There is such a broad range of talent and understanding that he always has someone to turn to when needing more insight on a topic.

A little bit about Jake
Jake enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, by attending his kids’ sporting events, fishing in a local farm pond, biking along the miles of trails or going for hikes around the Kansas City area. The Stevenson family is outside whenever they can be.


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