George Chac

Project Manager | Renewables | Phoenix

About George

Every day for George Chac is different — and that’s exactly how he likes it. As a project manager for 1898 & Co. George spends his days in the Phoenix office supporting clients as they troubleshoot operational challenges at solar and wind generation sites as well as helping them develop long-term strategic plans for a more efficient, sustainable future.

With a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Arizona, George started his career as a module engineer in the semiconductor industry. He went on to work for a startup growing a water treatment business, where he learned key lessons that translate to his work with clients today. George went on to get his Master of Business Administration in early 2023, and now utilizes his business acumen alongside his engineering experience to find solutions and bring value to his clients and 1898 & Co.

How George helps his clients
Customer service and relationships are No. 1 to George. He believes that above profitable ventures and building excellence for the future, the relationships and bridges that we form with people are what ultimately fulfills our careers and lives.

What motivates George
George’s primary motivation is simple: people. He enjoys building relationships with clients and co-workers. In fact, it was the need to work around people that made George gravitate to consulting.

A little bit about George
He has several old cars that he's constantly trying to keep running, much to his wife's dismay — though she remains 100% supportive of his hobbies. He also enjoys working out, 3D printing, and airsoft. George and his team were national champions at the 2021 Lion Claws Tactical Challenge.


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Emerging Energy Advisory

Capital Asset Planning

Project Planning & Development