Gabriel Sanchez

Director | Industrial Cybersecurity

About Gabriel

As a director at 1898 & Co., Gabriel leads the operations of the Managed Security Services (MSS) Security Operations Center (SOC). Working with clients to develop robust cybersecurity programs and seeing that clients are fully supported 24/7/365, he is on the front lines of protecting critical infrastructure clients from cybersecurity threats.

Gabriel received a bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Central Florida as well as a master’s in information security engineering from the SANS Technology Institute. For over 20 years, he has worked in cybersecurity across several industries, including banking, utilities and government research. Gabriel joined 1898 & Co. from the banking industry, where he was a vice president of the Security Operations Center for the Americas, responsible for protecting over 80,000 employees.

How Gabriel helps his clients
Gabriel has led security operations in some of the most challenging environments and knows what it takes for clients to stay safe. An incident is not the time to find out you are not prepared, so he works with clients to develop advanced playbooks to manage threats quickly and successfully. He also designs leading protection and detection methodologies to minimize the threat landscape of an organization. As a leader, Gabriel is able to bring together technical specialists in critical infrastructure systems to design cybersecurity programs that are customized to support the client’s unique challenges and provide continued operations.

What motivates Gabriel
Gabriel is simply motivated by being able to help people within the cybersecurity space. He enjoys taking lessons he's learned from more than 20 years of experience and using them to develop the next generation of leaders in the industry. In 2021, Gabriel began hosting six-month boot camp academies so he could teach individuals who were just now breaking into the cybersecurity field. He finds it gratifying to be able to give back, as well as be involved with exciting new entrants into the industry.

A little bit about Gabriel
Gabriel spends his time away from work enjoying the Florida weather and playing sports or biking with his family. An avid soccer fan, Gabriel has invested countless hours learning to juggle a soccer ball.


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