Emma Gomez

Project Manager | Transmission Planning

About Emma

Emma is a skilled transmission planning project manager at 1898 & Co., with experience in long-term planning, generation interconnection, NERC TPL, and incremental transfer capability studies. Within these studies, Emma has conducted various analyses, including dynamic stability, steady-state load flow, short circuit, reactive capability, voltage schedule, and transient overvoltage analysis.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and statistics and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. In 2020, she returned to UMKC to complete her Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering. Emma works primarily with the Southern Company team, maintaining strong client relationships and overseeing the successful delivery of projects.

How Emma helps her clients
Emma places great importance on continuous communication with her clients. She believes that effective communication is vital for project progress and seeing that analyses are carried out smoothly. As a final quality reviewer for deliverables, Emma serves as a key accelerator in her work, fostering client satisfaction and maintaining high standards for project outputs.

What motivates Emma
Emma is naturally self-motivated and finds fulfillment when clients are not just satisfied but beyond pleased with her work. Forming genuine relationships with clients is of utmost importance. Emma's drive stems from being a valuable asset to her team and clients alike, as she oversees projects within the transmission planning industry. She is dedicated to creating opportunities for career growth within her team, seeing that they remain motivated, inspired and engaged by providing diverse projects and clients. Effective communication is a constant within her team, and a reminder of the critical role it plays in their success.

A little about Emma
Emma has a passion for travel and exploring different parts of the world. While she enjoys the occasional cozy night in watching Netflix, she equally cherishes going out and spending time with friends. Emma is excited about her upcoming trip to Japan, anticipating a beautiful cultural experience and indulging in delicious seafood. As she embarks on her journey from Kansas City to Japan, she will be accompanied by her go-to snack, animal crackers.


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