Dong-Hyeon Kim

Director | Transmission Planning and Power System Analysis

About Dong-Hyeon

As a director at 1898 & Co., Dong-Hyeon (D.H.) leads the transmission planning and power system analysis team helping clients complete technical analyses of their existing and future transmission systems.

D.H. attended Pusan National University, where he studied electrical engineering, and then went on to earn his master’s in electrical engineering from Seoul National University. In his entire professional career, he has focused on transmission system analysis, leading projects conducting steady state analysis, short circuit analysis, transient stability analysis, electromagnetic transient analysis, geomagnetic disturbance analysis and harmonics analysis. Through his projects he has gained over 15 years of experience with leading software systems related to planning and electrical study such as: PTI PSS/E, GE PSLF, PSCAD, EMTP/ATP, Aspen, CAPE, ETAP, SKM, Right-of-Way Pro, CYME and TARA.

How D.H. helps his clients
D.H. leads a team of planners to perform technical analysis and provide in-depth, insightful results so that clients can make critical investment decisions for their transmission and generation projects. With the energy transition and related impact to the grid, he can guide clients on how to plan for the future and identify their critical areas of risk to promote future reliability. D.H. supports clients on transmission planning studies, NERC compliance, generator interconnection requests, electromagnetic transient studies, black start studies and power system modeling and validation.

What motivates D.H.
D.H. is excited to be a part of historical change within the power industry. Although technical challenges are inevitable, he always reminds himself of the reason why he’s doing this work. Inspired by a story of how electricity provided opportunities to the children in undeveloped countries, he is strongly convinced that his work touches real lives. D.H. wants to play a part in giving hope to individuals through electricity. He is also passionate about transferring his knowledge and experience to the next generation of planners.

A little bit about D.H.
On a day off, D.H. is busy playing with his three young children, finding ways to keep everyone happy and healthy. When he is able, he enjoys bike riding and being actively involved with his church. D.H. loves to travel with his family to explore different places, cultures and people.


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