Craig Brown

Project Manager | Financial Analysis and Rate Design

About Craig

If you’re wondering how Craig Brown moved from a career in restaurants to utility consulting, the answer is numbers.

Craig graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in hotel and restaurant management and spent his early career managing restaurants in the Kansas City and Phoenix areas. As a founding partner in a restaurant in Scottsdale, he eventually learned to love planning and running a business more than the operations side of restaurants, so he decided to move in a new direction. A career in a finance-related field was always the backup plan, and he apprenticed his way into accounting and small business consulting while going back to school, earning an MBA in finance from Rockhurst University.

These days, Craig helps utilities big and small plan and forecast everything from cost of service and financial planning models to electric vehicles load projections to pricing strategy.

How Craig helps his clients
Craig is a numbers person at heart, so he brings passion to every project he works on with clients. He’s motivated to help them solve complex problems today that will impact their success in the long run. Many of his restaurant lessons carry over into his work today: listening to what customers want, delivering exceptional quality and service, and — an important one — doing what you say you’re going to do.

What motivates Craig 
For Craig, the variety of clients and projects is a big motivator. He loves the fact that no two days are alike. He’s great at juggling multiple projects at once, so competing deadlines are never a hardship for him.

A little bit about Craig
It’s no surprise that Craig enjoys cooking when not at work. He’s had culinary training and he puts it to use, being known as “the guy who cooks for everyone.” He excels at barbecue, but he also enjoys putting classic French cooking techniques to use. His favorite audience to cook for? His family, including his two daughters.


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