Chad Swope

Section Manager | Generation Asset Advisory

About Chad

As a section manager at 1898 & Co., Chad leads a team of engineers and analysts to support critical infrastructure clients with detailed technical and financial analysis to plan and optimize their power generation assets.

Chad attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where he studied mechanical engineering. Starting with the Burns & McDonnell energy practice in 2008, he worked on early project development, helping clients with the technical development of their planned generation investments, including design and optimization as well as cost estimation and equipment evaluation. Moving to 1898 & Co. in 2019, he focuses on project development and strategic planning for power generation technologies, specializing in technical due diligence, equipment reliability and condition assessments.

How Chad helps his clients
With his experience in power generation, Chad helps clients get the most out of their generation assets. Digging into the condition and performance of generation assets, he works with clients to identify areas for optimizing their operations and maintenance expenses and minimize unexpected equipment downtime. Having worked with clients across the country, Chad can benchmark asset performance against the industry and develop detailed, actionable plans to help clients remain competitive in a rapidly changing market while mitigating their risk.

What motivates Chad
As a section manager, Chad is motivated by helping mentor and develop the future leaders in the industry. Helping others gain industry experience and seeing them deliver successful projects for their clients keeps him excited about the future and what is possible for the industry as it moves forward.

A little bit about Chad
When he’s not supporting clients, Chad finds ways to enjoy a relaxing day with his family. He enjoys playing Nintendo Switch with his kids, watching movies and taking family vacations. He also enjoys staying active by playing sports and hiking in the great outdoors.


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