Chad Pinarija

Engagement Manager | Technology Consulting | California

About Chad

As a technology consulting engagement manager at 1898 & Co., Chad leads engagements to help clients plan, implement and optimize their digital ecosystems. By bringing innovative solutions to the critical infrastructure industries, he sees that clients’ projects are successful and positions them for future growth.

Chad attended the University of California, Davis, where he studied managerial economics before starting in the software industry, working with construction clients to bring digital solutions to the field. As his experience led him into the utility industry, he worked with several of the largest power companies in California before joining 1898 & Co.

How Chad helps his clients
Chad works with clients to identify their most critical business requirements and helps them develop actionable long-term plans to integrate leading technology solutions to meet those needs. With a background spanning software, construction, federal contracting and power utilities, he brings a unique perspective to each project with a focus on what works in the field — not just on the drawing board.

What motivates Chad
Chad is driven by client relationships. Having worked in critical infrastructure industries for years, he continues to be inspired by how driven and capable the people working in these industries are and he is committed to supporting them with innovative solutions to make their jobs easier.

A little bit about Chad
A sports fanatic, an ideal day for Chad starts early in the morning so he can watch European football before switching over to college football, the NFL, playoff baseball or the NBA. He has even been known to bring the dogs into the festivities, dressing them up in jerseys for the games.


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