Bryan Claxton

Senior Product Manager | Software Solutions

About Bryan

As a senior product manager at 1898 & Co., Bryan specializes in developing custom software solutions to address clients’ most pressing issues. As leader of the AssetLens platform, he focuses on enabling clients to use advanced analytics and geospatial information systems to optimize their capital planning process.

Bryan attended Oklahoma State University, where he studied civil engineering. He has experience managing and implementing technology-related projects involving a wide range of services, including system planning, configuration and implementation for desktop, web and mobile tools. He and his team work extensively across multiple industries, including municipalities, foods and consumer products, light manufacturing, electric utility, aviation and energy projects.

How Bryan helps his clients
Bryan enjoys working with clients and their technical teams to develop a vision and then build or configure a technology solution that brings the vision to life. Every day he is driven to continue to innovate, looking to constantly enhance the capabilities of software platforms to address the most complicated problems facing the industries he supports. Bryan’s experience across many different markets allows him to bring a unique set of tools to industry problems and enable clients to get the maximum value out of their technology investments.

What motivates Bryan
Bryan is passionate about problem-solving for each project to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to clients. As a product manager, being able to understand the market’s needs, use those insights to create a product road map, and then see the progress the development teams are making to continuously improve the product to meet the market’s needs is something that keeps him excited about the future.

A little bit about Bryan
An ideal day off for Bryan is being the first one out on the lake as the sun rises. Any day out on the lake is a good day, so when he’s not delivering for clients, you can usually find him out at Truman Lake with a fishing pole in his hand. As an avid traveler and food lover, he has been known to plan entire vacations around the restaurants he and his wife want to visit.


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