Brett Seals

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant | Industrial Cybersecurity

About Brett

As a senior cybersecurity consultant for 1898 & Co., Brett’s work bridges the gap between cybersecurity and operational technology in order to defend critical infrastructure assets and keep clients safe. Working closely with clients, he helps identify and mitigate risk.

A specialist in penetration testing, he investigates client systems to find vulnerabilities and develop exploitation techniques, creating an attack kill chain that an adversary would use to make sure a client's systems can withstand any attack. If a client has a potential breach, Brett and his team respond and help them manage it and provide meaningful road maps on how to improve their security posture.

Brett joined 1898 & Co. recently from the U.S. Navy, where he spent 10 years working in combat engineering and cybersecurity, including positions supporting U.S. Cyber Command and the Navy critical infrastructure commands.

How Brett helps his clients
Brett has a knack for root cause analysis. He can navigate the noise in an environment, identify the cause and effect — and then fix the problem.

What motivates Brett
For Brett, the motivation to work in cybersecurity is clear and compelling. He says there is no more divine pursuit than defending the infrastructure that supports this nation and its people.

A little bit about Brett
Brett started his career in live event video production, putting his film degree to good use. He loves live events and music — any kind of music, from electronic to rock. But with two small children, he looks for kid-friendly concerts these days.


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