Brent Moore

Client Engagement Director | Security & Risk Consulting

About Brent

Brent is the client engagement director for industrial cybersecurity at 1898 & Co. As an experienced professional, Brent takes the reins as the driving force behind the business development and sales endeavors of the security and risk consulting team. Drawing from his extensive experience as a regional sales director for diverse organizations within critical infrastructure, he guides clients in the selection of software platforms and services designed to empower customers in managing assets, maintaining compliance and mitigating their overall operational technology (OT) cybersecurity risks. Brent's academic journey led him to the University of South Carolina, where he earned his degree from the College of Applied Sciences.

How Brent helps his clients
Brent's mission revolves around harnessing relationships between account managers and 1898 & Co., seeing that our experienced professionals find themselves in front of the right audience. Brent seamlessly aligns with all facets of 1898 & Co. business offerings. He collaborates closely with project managers and technical professionals, orchestrating opportunities that facilitate the convergence of insights and solutions.

What motivates Brent
Brent's motivation is rooted in his commitment to nurturing long-term client relationships. His aspiration lies in creating connections built upon the bedrock of trust — where clients feel secure in involving him in critical business decisions and view him as an integral part of their problem-solving journey. Brent is devoted to honoring his commitments and consistently delivering beyond the expected to meet his clients’ needs.

A little about Brent 
Brent’s ideal day starts with a great breakfast and seamlessly flows into a leisurely day spent on the golf course. Brent enjoys cooking with cast iron, experimenting with everything from sizzling steaks to coastal-inspired seafood boils. Brent's dream travel destination is Ireland, where he intends to visit in September. Unknown to many: Brent was a four-year letterman on the University of South Carolina baseball team and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves.


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