BJ Behroon

Business Development Director

About BJ

BJ has over 44 years of experience working across diverse sales & marketing roles. With his personable nature and deep understanding of client needs, BJ is dedicated to representing and offering services and solutions that enhance the lives of customers. BJ earned a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, and an MBA from Golden Gate University. Throughout his career, BJ has held business development positions at esteemed companies like Siemens Financial Group, Duke Energy Corp. and DNV/KEMA - Energy.

How BJ helps his clients
BJ's greatest strength lies in his ability to deliver practical solutions that resonate with clients, leveraging the experience and skills of our talented teams. His primary objective is to gain a comprehensive understanding of his clients' challenges and priorities, effectively articulating their needs to provide valuable solutions. As a trusted intermediary, BJ bridges the gap between clients and our internal resources, seeing that their problems are addressed efficiently and effectively.

What motivates BJ
BJ is driven by an inherent motivation to achieve the goals he sets for himself. He finds fulfillment in serving his clients by actively engaging in meaningful conversations that lead to desired solutions. BJ's dedication to client satisfaction fuels his commitment to deliver outstanding results.

A little about BJ
Unknown to many is BJ’s love for scuba diving — his goal is to one day explore exotic underwater regions, like the Red Sea, known for their fantastic coral. His most recent favorite food is from a Peruvian restaurant he and his wife recently discovered in Houston, Texas. 


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