Bill Smith

Director | Industrial Cybersecurity

About Bill

As a director at 1898 & Co., Bill is committed to protecting critical infrastructure industries from constantly evolving cyberthreats. A specialist in the defense industrial base industry, he works to keep clients’ operations up and running and their data safe from malicious actors.

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in nuclear engineering, Bill went on to join the Navy, where he worked within the nuclear propulsion program for 22 years, during which he obtained his MBA. After the military, he earned a master’s degree in cybersecurity management and policy from the University of Maryland Global Campus before working as a cybersecurity consultant and Navy training manager for a federal contractor in Virginia. Now at 1898 & Co., Bill is responsible for leading his team through strategic cybersecurity specifications in the defense and transportation sectors.

How Bill helps his clients
With two decades of military experience and additional experience as a federal contractor, Bill knows how to help defense clients meet critical government specifications and see that their assets and facilities are safe and compliant with applicable federal standards. Working with teams across multiple disciplines to provide holistic solutions, he understands that most people aren’t cyber professionals and is able to develop plans that help clients visualize how cyber can be effectively integrated into their projects and keep everyone on the same page.

What motivates Bill
Bill embraces his interactions with clients as he engages in conversations where he can provide input and answer their most pressing issues. He is personally driven to work hard by the fact that the work he and his team do truly matters and the projects they work on are bigger than themselves.

A little bit about Bill
Bill is not known to relax, preferring to stay busy working on projects around the house, in his woodworking shop or outside gardening with his wife. Always staying on the move, he enjoys road trips, including an 11,000-mile journey through 25 states with his wife and daughters.


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