Ben Stafford

Project Manager | Geospatial Solutions

About Ben

As a project manager at 1898 & Co., Ben leads geospatial projects helping clients map and analyze their asset data to support critical investment decisions and effectively manage their capital projects.

Ben attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he studied geography and Spanish. After graduating in 2007, he started with Burns & McDonnell, working as a geographic information systems (GIS) specialist doing field survey work, including transmission line routing, airport assessments and wind farm siting studies. Starting as a project manager in 2019, he has led dozens of projects across the country, successfully completing model development, technology improvements and spatial analysis for utility companies.

How Ben helps his clients
Ben helps clients get their critical asset data into industry-leading software platforms, consulting and performing detailed analysis to allow leaders to make key decisions about managing and investing in their systems. With over 15 years of geospatial experience, he brings insightful information on market trends and cross-industry perspectives to help clients leverage best practices to continuously improve their GIS operations.

What motivates Ben
Ben is motivated by the variety of his work and the ability to engage with experts within different industries to make meaningful impacts. The work he and his team do matters, and he is passionate about reinforcing the grid, sustainability and more efficient geospatial solutions overall.

A little bit about Ben
When he can get away from the office, Ben heads to the beach, taking his family on warm, sunny vacations whenever he can. A Kansas City resident, he’s always cheering on the local sports teams, attending and watching games in his free time.


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