Craig McGlone

Senior Consultant | Transmission Planning | London

About Craig

Craig brings a wealth of experience to the realm of consulting. He attended the University of Manchester where he earned his master's in electrical and electronics engineering. Among the U.K.'s evolving energy market, Craig is dedicated to offering specialized services that cater to technical consultancy, engineering and project delivery. As the U.K. pivots towards  a low-carbon future supported by smart technologies, Craig thrives on the diverse nature of his day-to-day work.

How Craig helps his clients
Engaged in propelling the U.K. towards net zero, Craig focuses on business development and spearheading project delivery. He values the multifaceted nature of his work, grounding himself in tasks around power system studies and grid feasibility assessments. Craig's approach involves tailoring his methods to suit individual client needs, seeing that each client is given the right solution. His forte lies in navigating innovative projects, actively shaping the network of the future.

What motivates Craig
Fueled by a lifelong fascination with physics and math, Craig finds fulfillment in applying these disciplines to his role. His commitment is rooted in the belief that his contributions play a vital role in crafting sustainable solutions, from developing energy-efficient systems to pioneering renewable energy solutions. Craig's inherent love for problem-solving shines through as he tackles complex challenges among the versatility within his field.

A little about Craig 
When Manchester's skies are clear, Craig enjoys spending time outside with his children. He enjoys reading books for a sense of escapism to unwind from long days. When it comes to his favorite food, Craig appreciates Indian cuisine. 


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