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Service Offerings

  • Condition assessments
  • Decommissioning studies
  • Equipment reliability road map studies
  • Maintenance basis optimization
  • Monitoring and diagnostic services
  • Technical advisory services
  • Unit parameter analysis

The owners and operators of power generation assets face particular challenges due to the increase in non-dispatchable renewable generation and adoption of wholesale power markets. Our generation consulting team can help you optimize near-term unit operation and investments as well as plan for total life cycle costs of a facility.

Our proven assessment framework and power generation experience helps you unlock a path to sustained asset optimization. We guide you to an understanding of the total cost of operating and maintaining your assets, providing credibility and data to support lean operation and maintenance, integrated resource plans (IRP), depreciation rate case filings, or mergers and acquisitions.

Through condition assessments, equipment reliability studies, unit parameter analyses and decommissioning studies, you gain visibility into your forecasted operating costs and overall competitiveness of your asset. Together, we can define a path to increased return on your asset investments and hit the target for more informed investment decisions.

Shifting Power Market Dynamics Prompt Focus on Unit Operating Parameters

Better understanding of unit operating parameters will help fossil generation asset owner/operators deploy assets more efficiently and economically.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerates Decline in Coal-Fired Generation

The power industry has seen change amid the pandemic. Economic uncertainty and decreasing demand have led to a decline in power from coal-fired sources.

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