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  • Change maturity assessments
  • Change strategy development
  • Communications planning
  • Executive, middle management and direct supervisor coaching
  • Resistance evaluation and mitigation
  • Sponsorship modeling
  • Training plan development

People are unique, and they will respond to change in different ways. When you introduce a new technology or process into your organization, strategies must be implemented that support the uniqueness of individuals as they adopt and use new solutions and navigate new ways of working. These strategies must address cultural barriers, individual motivations, knowledge transfer and accountability. Unless we address these issues, new initiatives will face uphill battles — and potential failure.

People change management works in concert with project management to help people adapt to a new normal as important organizational changes are implemented. Change management projects are agnostic of industry or general practice. Our consultants employ specific plans and a series of people-centric milestones that integrate into your project plan. We guide you to strategies and tactics that are embraced faster and used more thoroughly in your operations.

Building a Case for People Change Management in Sustainable Capital Projects

A utility’s large capital projects must be justified to investors and stakeholders before resources can be allocated. Correctly positioning people change management within the capital-spend business case is necessary to procure resources that reduce risk of capital project failure.
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We develop strategic people change management plans that allow your solutions to be implemented fully, putting each person on a path to full adoption. We coach executives and managers through changes and initiatives, helping them understand their roles and building fundamental change competency.

The framework we use is built on decades of research with a holistic set of tools and tactics. Change management is often the missing piece of your puzzle. It helps your team execute to fully capture your return on investment. The result is people doing their jobs differently, successfully moving past initial project startup into full adoption. A thoughtful and deliberate approach to change management is the key.

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People and Organizational Culture Services: State of the Workplace

The war for talent has been and continues to be a reality for organizations across industries for the past 20 years, as there is an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees. Today, the great resignation continues as business leaders struggle to make sense of the factors driving the mass exodus, adding an extra layer of complexity to the challenges of attaining and retaining talent.

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Building Capacity to Effectively Manage Change in a Dynamic Environment

Businesses, utilities and public agencies are facing historic change. Navigating projects, initiatives and priorities can be daunting, especially when organizations must address technological disruption and human resource demands. To effectively execute change management, an organization must build capacity — enabling a methodical approach to guide, support and empower employees who can deliver successful outcomes.

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An Organizational Approach to Analytics

Organizations rely on data analytics to make timely decisions with confidence. However, for data to be used to achieve desired results, it must evolve from a technology led approach to a human-centric process focused on clients’ needs, desires, feedback and responses.

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Understanding Process and Performance Management

Surviving and thriving requires aligning your organization’s purpose with a systematic approach that uses processes, people and culture to drive success.

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