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Grid Modernization Planning


Service Offerings

  • Distribution planning
  • Electrification, distributed generation and asset renewal studies
  • Generation interconnection studies
  • Grid interconnect and planning standards development
  • Planning for reliability, volt/VAR optimization and harmonics
  • Secondary network consulting

Electric utility systems are rapidly evolving, creating challenges to grid stability, interconnections and aging infrastructure. Our holistic approach to distribution system analysis and transformation leverages processes and tools that enable development of a strong, smart and sustainable grid.

Our grid modernization and distribution planning consultants guide you through the maze of shifting customer demand and distributed energy resources/distributed generation (DER/DG) by aligning your business with technology and master planning that solve for reliability concerns, decarbonization mandates, electrification growth and renewable generation.

Such large-scale investments in power distribution systems create a need to arm yourself with business strategy, strategic planning and project development processes. We help electric utilities tackle these challenges head-on. Our solutions emphasize analysis and modernization planning that factor in the life cycle of your existing assets and data to yield optimized performance and maintenance.

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Grid Modernization: Strong, Smart, Sustainable

The electric grid was based on the requirements of an earlier society. In today’s always-on world, outages of even a minute can anger customers who work from home, have life support equipment or just want their social media. Utilities must develop strategies that result in a strong, smart and sustainable grid.

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Grid Modernization: Changing the Way the Grid’s Future Is Planned

The way we consume electricity is changing, placing demands on the electric distribution grid that its creators never envisioned. To address evolving needs, the grid is in need of transformation. Yesterday’s grid planning methods must yield to holistic, data-driven distribution planning to optimize the investments of limited capital resources into grid infrastructure and maximize the effectiveness of transformative technologies.

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How Prepared Is Your Utility to Sustain and Extend Emergency Measures?

To plan for a pandemic of the current magnitude, utilities can identify business elements essential in assessing the potential impact of a disruption.

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White Paper
Make It Strong: The First Step in Modernizing the U.S. Grid

The grid is undergoing more change today than it has seen in the last 60 years. A typical household’s load in the 1960s was less than half of what it is today — 60 amps compared to 200 amps. Safety measures built into the grid allowed it to absorb load changes without serious issues until recently, and now utilities must develop strategies that will keep the grid strong into the future.

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White Paper
A Tool for Modernizing the Grid

Patience has long been a virtue of those interested in connecting their distributed energy resources (DER) to the grid. Approval for these projects has been slow, with utilities lacking ways to identify feasibility and costs for interconnections. Hosting capacity analyses can solve for these challenges.

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