Eric Ervin

Director | Industrial Cybersecurity

About Eric

As a director at 1898 & Co., Eric works closely with clients in the utilities and manufacturing sectors to develop and implement innovative cybersecurity solutions for their critical infrastructure.

Eric attended Emporia State University, where he received his degree in computer information systems. Starting his career at an electric utility, followed by almost a decade at a nuclear power plant, he worked across a variety of cybersecurity and leadership positions before moving into his current role helping clients around the world address cutting-edge cybersecurity challenges. Eric works closely with engineering and operations teams to develop strategies for incorporating cybersecurity into engineering designs to create maximum resiliency and continued operations.

How Eric helps his clients
In his role at 1898 & Co., Eric gets to do what he's always wanted: connect and engage with clients. He enjoys listening to clients and building trust, while understanding what they're doing and what their challenges are. He is excited to be part of a team that is constantly growing and to have the opportunity to visit some of the largest power and manufacturing facilities around the world.

What motivates Eric
Eric gets to collaborate on a team where everybody knows what their mission is and what they need to do to keep moving forward. He enjoys being a leader people can rely on and trust — especially in the early stages of a project. Cybersecurity projects need a solid foundation and groundwork before evolving into bigger and longer-term endeavors. That’s what Eric and his team are after: long-term relationships with clients.

A little bit about Eric
An ideal day for Eric involves going on a run, enjoying a cup of coffee and then going paddle boarding, before jumping on a boat for the rest of the day. He lives on a farm with cattle and over 200 acres to play on. Eric is a regimented person, and as such, his two sisters have nicknamed him the “coolest nerd they know.”


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