Dana Houston Jackson

Senior Change Management Consultant | Management Consulting

About Dana

As a senior change management consultant, Dana works to make organizations better for people, and people better for organizations. With extensive experience leading large programs across a variety of industries, she works with clients to prepare their organizations for new ways of working and sees that change is successfully adopted.

Dana has treated her professional career as a journey to gather a full portfolio of skills and competencies in multiple industries by holding dozens of roles, mostly in professional education, training and coaching people, managing programs and action, and inspiring change in mindset and behavior.

She began her career in manufacturing, eliminating waste in processes and improving production lines for people. She moved over into construction, working first as a boots-on-the-ground electrician before working her way up as a project manager and then managing director, managing a 60-person department handling new construction, maintenance and repair in Southern California. Moving into the power industry, she has worked for several large electric utilities and construction firms, leading transformational programs and developing her skill set in change management methodologies.

How Dana helps clients
Dana has a genuine understanding of how it feels to be working in the field experiencing changes without the support and guidance for why those changes are important to the organization. Her experience drives every engagement with her clients, assisting in designing inclusive change strategies for their critical programs. She guides executives to easier and better change decisions that cause less friction. Dana simplifies the complexity so that everyone can understand the process.

What motivates Dana
Dana believes in simplifying complexity, removing friction and increasing enjoyment of the work being done. She has a passion for giving back so that others don't have to experience the same bumps, scars and bruises that she encountered early on in her career. She enjoys taking seemingly impossible and complex issues and making them easier on all levels through a fresh pair of eyes. She believes in the mantra that in order to prevent change weariness and saturation, you need to make changes easier and more enjoyable.

A little bit about Dana
Dana is a strong advocate for good judgment, empathy and sound logic. When she isn’t writing, volunteering or speaking publicly, she paints. Dana is an artist at heart — she thoroughly enjoys painting and has turned her kitchen into a functioning paint studio. When she isn’t in front of an easel, she is found hiking national parks, river rafting around the country and leading the Venture Scout troops. Dana also serves as a volunteer minister, venture crew leader with Scout Troop 479 and volunteer for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) with FEMA certification.


People, Culture & Change

Process & Performance Management

Published Work

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